Why Choose Antique Reproduction Furniture?

Buying antique furniture for your home is a sure-fire way to add elegance and class to any room. From hand-carved dressing tables to genuine antique dining chairs, reproduction furniture is unique and timeless, with a high-quality finish to add to its high-end reputation. Still not sure whether antique furniture is the choice for you? Read our reasons why you should take your interior back in time below.


When searching for antique furniture, it can be hard to find something specific. If you’re looking for a particular style or size, it can increase the difficulty of your search. Original pieces become much rarer through time, with many having existed for centuries. Just waiting around for that perfect item can sometimes leave you feeling impatient.

This is why purchasing reproduction antique furniture instead can be much more practical. It’s easier to find and can be much cheaper too. Furniture is constantly being reproduced and refashioned to replicate historical items, so customers are left with more choice, despite the slight decrease in authenticism.

Although antique products are more original, that doesn’t mean to say reproduced products can’t still be one-of-a-kind. True reproductions aren’t usually mass-produced; they’re hand-crafted artisan items. You can even purchase custom-built reproduction furniture that’s designed specifically for your home.


When the furniture has been around for as long as certain antique pieces have, they often show their age. Even when they look pristine, they’ve more than likely had some work done. Depending on storage conditions throughout the years, original furniture will have evidence of wear and tear. For example, Victorian furniture is notorious for losing its shiny veneer, particularly on chests of drawers. Once this starts lifting and fading away, it can be incredibly hard to replace.

Whilst reproduction furniture isn’t original, it can certainly look the part, and won’t appear worn and faded like most genuine antique products. It’s also much easier to repair and replace should anything become damaged.

Antique oak furniture, such as dining and coffee tables, is susceptible to splitting across the sides and on the top, as it was fixed into separate panels. Due to the abundance of reproduction furniture available, it’s much easier to find a piece of oak furniture in good to almost perfect condition.


Some people would assume that, because the furniture is reproduced, it lacks in quality compared to genuine antiques. However, many reproduced pieces use the same materials and veneer as those items hundreds of years ago, mimicking that traditional, timeless aura.

Although some reproduction antique furniture isn’t made the traditional way due to technological advances in creation, you’d never be able to tell, as the finished product will mirror the original product as closely as possible.

Due to the technological advances in design and construction, it can be argued that antique reproduction furniture is much sturdier and durable. This is due to materials such as stronger fabric, adhesives and fixings. Also, the high-end quality of reproduced furniture gives it a newer, more attractive look due to the range of modern materials, making them appear much brighter despite keeping their rustic feel.


When it comes to the cheaper option, there’s no contest between reproduced furniture and antique. Reproduced furniture has the quality, the durability and the best value for money. Antiques often cost more than double that of a reproduced furniture item, despite being almost identical in appearance and in the same condition. This is often due to the fact that antiques are much harder to come by, and they’re often not in the same condition.

For example, an antique desk could easily sell for £1,000+, whereas a reproduced desk identical in size and quality could sell for well below £500. French and Oriental furniture is where the difference in price is much more noticeable, with original furniture examples pricing extraordinarily high compared to the reproduced product of the same quality.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article has provided more insight into the world of reproduced furniture, and allows you to make a more informed decision on what style is perfect for your home. Reproduced furniture has a lot more benefits than most people think, ranging from excellent value for money to durable material and quality.

Do you think reproduced antique furniture could be the optimal choice for you? Get in touch with us for more information on how we can help you fulfill your wishes.

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