Telling The Difference Between Antique and Reproduction Furniture

Antique and reproduction furniture are both good choices for any home. Antique furniture is classic and timeless, whereas reproduction is much cheaper in price, but still looks just as good, if not better. But it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between antique and reproduction, and collectors often get scammed into buying one when they wanted the other.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture reproduction antique furniture in Leeds, specialising in mahogany and yew. From dining tables to chest of drawers, we’ve got the perfect piece of reproduction furniture for you, all of which are reproduced antiques.

Want to know the main differences between antique and reproduction furniture? Read our article below to avoid being caught out.

Type of Wood Used

The wood used in furniture is a great indicator of how authentic a piece is. With traditional style genuine antiques, there are usually different types of wood used in a single piece due to the price of certain types. For example, antique dressing tables may have different colours mixed within the surface and the drawers due to the different types of wood used.

To ensure what type of furniture you’re purchasing, check unseen areas such as the back or underneath for mixed colourings. If the piece is made out of the same wood completely, it is probably not an antique.

Signs of Wear and Age

The older an antique piece of furniture is, the more likely you are to find that it is worn or slightly damaged. Newer reproduction models are much shinier and feel smoother. Keep in mind that antiques usually have varying stages of wear. For example, filing cabinets will have signs of wear in their drawers from being opened all the time.

Other signs of aging include evidence of insects, such as chewed wood and wormholes. Some fraudsters may carve out these signs themselves, so it’s important to check the piece thoroughly before you buy it

Another important sign of aging is a thin layer that appears on the surface of various metals and woods called Patina. It develops over time, and can be distinguished by its green-brown colour. Some fraudsters may even attempt to create this look themselves through staining, so be aware.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we never try to sell unauthentic furniture. Our items are all antique reproduction pieces made entirely of mahogany or yew. To browse our occasional furniture collection, click here.

Examine the Materials Used

Separating the antique reproduction furniture from the genuine can be difficult to distinguish. One way to really determine the identity of a piece is by looking at its materials. For instance, if you’re looking for a coffee table, it’s worth thoroughly examining the wood used to be absolutely sure that it is authentic.

Another way to check the reliability of wood is by looking at the nails used. Genuine antique furniture usually has square nails. When you’re dealing with antique reproduction furniture, it either has new wood paired with old nails, or new nails with old wood. Paying particular attention to these small details can be an identifier of whether you’re about to purchase a genuine antique or a reproduced piece.

Other Facts to Consider

Because reproduction pieces are crafted to resemble genuine antiques, it is difficult to really know whether you’re being sold the kind you want, unless the seller is honest with you.

A big difference between antique and reproduced is that genuine antiques are in short supply, whereas antique reproduction furniture is usually plentiful. Therefore, it might be useful to get a certificate of authentication for your genuine antique, should you choose to buy one.

Most importantly, it’s always a good idea to buy your genuine and reproduction antique furniture from a respectable antique and reproduction dealer.

In Conclusion

It should be noted that the signs listed above do not always guarantee whether a piece is antique or not, but they are reliable indicators. Here at Kelvin Furniture, all our furniture is reproduced complete with a timeless, elegant look. We offer bespoke antique reproduction furniture at a reasonable price, ranging from bedroom furniture to dining tables and chairs.

To order a piece from our gorgeous selection, you can get in touch by filling out our online form.

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