Decorating Your Home with Antique Reproduction Furniture

When it comes to decorating your home, you want your furniture and interior design to collaborate harmoniously, and you also want it to reflect who you are. Antique reproduction furniture adds class and elegance to any room, and it looks good in any setting. Whether you’re looking for a dining table to impress dinner guests, or you want a statement chest of drawers to give your bedroom that timeless feel, there’s a piece of antique reproduction furniture out there for you.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture gorgeous antique reproduction furniture, specialising in mahogany and yew. Our classic pieces will be a stunning asset to any room, with a range of styles and time periods to choose from.

Want to know how you can use antique furniture to decorate your home? Read our article below to see which items are perfect for every room in your house.

Statement Pieces

Sometimes, all you need is one big, gorgeous piece to add a sense of history and traditional style to your home. Larger statement pieces draw attention immediately and are guaranteed to become the talking point of conversation amongst your guests. You might want to consider putting your statement piece in a more communal area of your home, such as your living room, kitchen or dining room.

For instance, your statement piece could come in the form of a reproduced antique dining table, perfect for formal meals and entertaining guests. You can even accompany your dining table with antique reproduction chairs to make the piece have more of an impact in your home. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a wide range of dining tables and chairs perfect for your dining room.

Of all the rooms in your house, your living room is the place where your guests will spend most of their time. So why not decorate it with a statement furniture piece? Antique reproduction TV display cabinets can be a perfect addition to your living room, and will be the regal centrepiece any space desires. You can view our gorgeous range of TV cabinets here.


One way to achieve an authentic, unique style to your home is by mixing the old with the new. Adding too many antiques to a room can make it look old fashioned and stuffy. You might want to try adding antique reproduction furniture to a room with a current, modern-day setting in order to make your new furniture piece stand out from the crowd.

A good choice for combining old furniture with new decor is occasional furniture. This particular range of furniture refers to small pieces that can be put to various uses, such as coffee tables and display cabinets. These items can be placed sporadically around your home to give each room a timeless feel. You can even decorate occasional tables with everyday items such as lamps, in order to get optimal use out of your purchase.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and provide a range of different occasional furniture, including dressers and tables, perfect from any home. You can view our range here.

Repurpose and Recycle for the Environment

Even though they may not be genuine antiques, a lot of antique reproduction furniture is relatively old and has been passed down and reused by many different people. Also, reproduction furniture can have many different uses, so one item is not just used for one particular reason.

By investing in this kind of furniture, not only are you adding a classic, elegant piece to your home, you’re steering clear of mass-produced items which increase waste and damage the environment. Not only that, but reproduced furniture keeps its timeless feel for a long time, so you won’t feel the need to get rid of your piece any time soon.

Great products to invest in include dressing tables, due to their multiple functions, and filing cabinets if you need help with your organisation. Both products offer you an opportunity to add class to your home, all the while serving as a practical asset that helps you lower your carbon footprint.

Discreet Pieces

If you’re not looking to overload your home with an abundance of antique reproduction furniture, whether that’s due to space, money or taste, you can always opt for more subtle pieces that still make a big impact. A small coffee table in the corner on your living room can still draw attention simply because of its unique features.

You don’t always have to buy reproduction furniture simply for the benefit of your guests. If you’re looking for something of personal use, such as a chair for your home office, it can be enough to make your space feel like your own, with timeless, unique touches guaranteed to provide your personal space with a classic vibe.

In Conclusion

We hope that our article has made your decorating process a little easier. Reproduction antique furniture pieces can be a stunning addition to your home, and here at Kelvin Furniture, we work to ensure that you’re satisfied with whatever product you desire.

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