Reproduction Furniture For Your Living Room

In your home, your living room is one of the most important and utilised spaces. It’s where you go to relax after a long day of work, and it’s usually where you entertain your guests. So why not treat it to some antique reproduction furniture?

You can purchase all sorts of products to display proudly in your living room, from TV cabinets to coffee tables, all of which serve an important purpose whilst looking classy and elegant. It can be difficult to know exactly what to buy, so we’re here to help.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture stunning antique reproduction furniture perfect for any room in your home. Our glossy mahogany and yew finishes are simply gorgeous, ensuring that you’ll never venture back to modern furniture again.

Wondering how you can incorporate antique reproduction furniture into your living room? Read our article below for some inspiration.


Although your furniture serves some kind of purpose, that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a piece simply for decorative reasons. Occasional furniture such as hall tables and display cabinets are a perfect choice for showing off to your guests, as they make a bold statement in any room. Guests can peer into what’s inside, all the while admiring its gorgeous case.

Media units, such as TV stands and cabinets, can help your television stand proudly, as well as hold your DVD’s and assorted items. Traditional style furniture, particularly antiques, can be quite expensive, a factor that can dissuade some people. However, reproduced furniture is much cheaper, all the while keeping that gorgeous old-style finish.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a stunning range of reproduced antique TV cabinets and other occasional furniture that would look incredibly elegant in any living room. Our TV stands are perfect for flat screen and box television sets, so you can relax and watch your favourite TV programmes as your television sits on a gorgeous piece of reproduction furniture.


You’ve got some gorgeous new China plates or some fancy Champagne, now you just need somewhere to display them proudly for all to see. Investing in an antique reproduction display cabinet can give your new products the justice they deserve, displaying them elegantly in a gorgeous, traditional shell.

Whether you’re searching for a collectors cabinet to display medals or coins that you’ve amassed over the years, or whether you just want a stunning display cabinet for family photos, there’s a choice out there for you. Modern-day display cabinets will only get you so far in your quest for an elegant display, whereas antique reproduction pieces will add that extra bit of history.

Here at Kelvin Furniture in Leeds, our antique reproduction furniture includes gorgeous, mid-century display cabinets in a range of different sizes and finishes. You can opt for glass cabinets with no shelves to display any large items, or you can choose the popular three or four-door cabinet perfect for storing away items you don’t want to display.

All of our furniture is ready to ship to any home across the country, and all items and their finishes will not be damaged, providing you with the antique feeling you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank.


One of the main purposes of any furniture is that it has been purchased for a purpose. Not many people buy furniture simply for decorative purposes, so you need furniture that not only looks good, but is durable too.

Furniture that will probably get the most use in your living room are items such as sofas, coffee and TV tables or cabinets. When purchasing genuine antique pieces, finding items such as dining tables can be incredibly expensive, and because of their age, they won’t be all that durable. When considering antique reproduction furniture, it’s important to note that stronger, newer material will have been used, so you can be sure that your investment will go a long way.

Another benefit to having reproduction furniture is that it looks as good as new, whilst still keeping that traditional feel. You don’t need to worry about damage or scratches due to its age, as you can expect a glossy finish on all products, enabling you to display these items proudly in your living room.

We here at Kelvin Furniture manufacture gorgeous leather sofas, sleek coffee and dining tables perfect for any interior decor. Our expert team is on hand to advise you of the perfect piece depending on your home and style.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article has made your reproduction furniture decisions a lot easier to make. Our furniture collections will provide elegance and class to any room, and there is something for everyone. Make sure that your living rooms are ready for guests after the pandemic by investing in some antique reproduction furniture today.

If you would like more information, please contact us on 0113 2444499.

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