Things to Consider When Buying Reproduction Furniture

Furniture is the staple of any home, and can set up the overall style for years to come. Whether you prefer modern or traditional style furniture, there are plenty of stunning options available to turn any room into a classic, elegant space. When it comes to opting for a more vintage feel without breaking the bank, antique reproduction furniture is always a good choice.

Before you buy reproduction furniture, however, it’s important to fully identify which pieces are best for you. From dining tables to antique TV cabinets, reproduction furniture can stand out in any room, and is guaranteed to be a gorgeous asset. Whether you want a practical piece or just want to display your latest gorgeous purchase, it’s always worth considering who you’re buying from.

Kelvin Furniture in Leeds manufacture and sell gorgeous antique reproduction furniture, including products finished in mahogany and yew. From occasional furniture to bedroom assets, we have a vast range of stunning furniture available both in-store and online. Wondering what you need to consider before buying a reproduction furniture piece? Read our article to find out more.


Before you commit to buying a piece of antique reproduction furniture, you need to consider which room in your home you’re buying for. If you’re looking for bedroom furniture, you’re going to be searching for chests of drawers or dressing tables, and narrowing down your research can make the whole process a lot easier.

Dining rooms need to be furnished with durable, low maintenance furniture, since they’re going to get more wear than any other piece in your home. Antique reproduction dining tables are made from solid wood and are incredibly durable, withstanding any heavy traffic they may encounter. Living rooms are where your guests will spend most of their time, so having furniture that stands out from the crowd can catch their attention and be a great asset to show off.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we craft and manufacture gorgeous pieces of antique reproduction furniture perfect for any room, all in different shapes, sizes and finishes. Our coffee tables are a stunning choice for living rooms and will be the centre of attention when any guests come over.


Once you know which room you’re planning to furnish, consider its size. Antique reproduction furniture can come in all different styles and dimensions, so you need to make sure your piece doesn’t look too out of place because of its size. Remember to note measurements when you go browsing for your furniture so you’re not disappointed when you bring it home.

Small rooms don’t need too much furniture as it can get incredibly crowded, so if you’re looking to furnish a small space such as an office, don’t go for big pieces. Our office desks come in a range of different sizes, each with the same gorgeous mahogany or yew finish. When furnishing a bigger room, such as a bedroom, you have more freedom on how many pieces you can buy. However, no matter the size, it’s important not to overstuff the room, as it can be quite overpowering and cluttered.

Having just one or two reproduction pieces in your room can make a bold statement, as it stands out from the rest of the furniture. Having a room full of antique reproduction assets takes away their unique factor, and you want a piece that is going to stand out and catch guests and visitor’s attention.


When talking about lifestyle, this centres around exactly who you are in terms of your profession, personality and private life. For instance, if you’re someone who likes to collect items that need to be displayed, then an antique reproduction display cabinet is perfect for showing off your products to anyone who visits.

If you’re a professional who needs a space to store documents at home, you can even buy reproduction filing cabinets to class up your office. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture a number of office furniture perfect for your at-home workspace. Our office chairs come in a number of different colours and finishes, and are furnished in real leather.

Antique reproduction furniture doesn’t have to be confined to professional individuals and collectors. You can buy reproduction audiovisual pieces, such as TV units and hand-carved DVD cabinets if you’re an avid TV series and movie binger. Whatever your lifestyle, there’s a gorgeous piece of antique reproduction furniture out there for you. All pieces are much more durable and stylish than traditional antiques, meaning you’re getting better quality for a much lower price.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article has made your decision about which piece of antique reproduction furniture to purchase a lot easier to make. Although we have provided a guide, you can decorate your home however you’d like, whether you want to fill your home with reproduced furniture, or just want a few items to display proudly. Whatever your reasoning, we’re here for you.

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