Different Types of Occasional Furniture

By definition, occasional furniture refers to small, multi-purpose furniture that can be utilised to fit certain occasions. It mainly applies to small tables such as coffee tables and nightstands, but display cabinets and chests can be included in this category too. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and sell classic reproduction antiques in Leeds, including gorgeous occasional sets.

When furnishing your home, occasional furniture is a must to complete the look of most rooms such as dining or living rooms. High-quality pieces can make a big impact, whether big or small. They can stand proudly in any room and can be a stunning asset to your furniture collection.  What makes them even more classy, is that you can buy them in antique reproduction format.

Our antique reproduction furniture here at Kelvin Furniture is perfect for any room and style, all of which come at amazing prices. Want to know more about occasional furniture? Read our article below to find out more.


The most popular form of occasional furniture are tables, as they can be manufactured in a range of different styles for different uses. Reproduction antique furniture such as coffee, lounge and lamp tables are all classed as occasional due to their multiple functions. They not only provide the sole purpose of a table, but they also look incredibly elegant and will stand out amongst any other furniture in the room.

Our occasional furniture includes our glossy mahogany and yew magazine tables. Not only do they hold magazines like their name suggests they do, but they can also be used as tables to place drinks whilst watching the TV. Also, they are finished and carved in a traditional style, making them resemble antique furniture without having the same competitive prices.

From dining tables to nightstands, we manufacture and sell all kinds of stunning reproduction antiques in Leeds. Our occasional tables come in mahogany and yew finishes and will add class and elegance to any room you decide to display them in.

Display Cabinets

Used for many different purposes, display cabinets have been staples in living rooms and bedrooms for centuries. Mainly used for displaying photographs and china plates, display cabinets can be found in the homes of collectors and proud grandparents alike.

Display cabinets are described as pieces of occasional furniture due to their multipurpose functions, and they are all used for specific decorative purposes. Our display cabinets here at Kelvin Furniture come in a range of different colours and sizes, each with its own unique styling. Our full glass display cabinets give you more freedom to display as many items as you’d like, whereas our two-door bow display cabinet gives you the opportunity to store items in closed cupboards.

Like all of our reproduction antiques in Leeds, our display cabinets are finished to the highest standard, each one resembling a genuine antique without breaking the bank. From collectors cabinets to china display pieces, we have a gorgeous collection certain to display your items with elegance and pride.

Audio Visual

When you store your CD’s or DVD’s in a cabinet or place your TV on a stand that also acts as storage, then that piece is known as audiovisual occasional furniture. There are many different examples of audiovisual reproduction furniture, all in different styles and sizes perfect for any room.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a stunning selection of audiovisual occasional furniture, all in different sizes and with different uses. Our CD and DVD storage units can hold up to 120 and 60 items respectively, and can be placed anywhere in your room. Their discreet nature makes them perfect if you’re looking to add some reproduction antique furniture to your home, but you’re not looking to overload.

Our TV cabinets can display your audiovisual equipment perfectly, and won’t take up too much space. Our gorgeous range of reproduction antiques in Leeds are guaranteed to look stunning amongst your decor, and occasional furniture can be moved to any room and still be functional.

In Conclusion

We hope that this article has made your decision about whether to invest in antique reproduction furniture a little easier. All of our occasional furniture here at Kelvin Furniture can be delivered at a time suitable for you, and with a vast range to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

To get in touch for more information about our reproduction antiques, please contact us on 0113 2444499 for a no obligation quote.

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