Benefits of Using Mahogany and Yew for Furniture

When it comes to reproduction furniture, there are plenty of different woods used to give it that traditional, elegant finish. Hand-carved pieces of furniture such as dining tables and display cabinets can be a luxurious asset to your home, and the type of wood used can make all the difference. The best and most popular choices are mahogany and yew.

Here at Kelvin Furniture in Leeds, all of our reproduction antique furniture is delicately finished in mahogany and yew. Choices of furniture include stunning designs for any room in your home, including gorgeous office chairs and spacious chests of drawers. There are many different reasons why we choose to use mahogany and yew, but we mainly choose it because it’s the absolute best choice for you and your home.

Want to know more about our choice of wood? Read our article below.


Of all the wood types available for reproduction furniture, mahogany is the most stable and strong of all the hardwood options. When wood is shrunken to be made into furniture, it can drastically lose its shape. However, mahogany is incredibly resistant to these changes, and can avoid the warping and splitting that can occur. It is the perfect choice for giving antique reproduction pieces that modern finish, and is highly resistant to moisture and temperature changes, making it one of the best options for dining chairs and tables.

Mahogany is also resistant to mold and rot, so if you’re considering furniture for your kitchen, a mahogany finish is an optimal choice for occasional furniture pieces such as coffee tables. It became very popular in England in the 18th century, which explains its popularity in reproduction antique furniture. It has the power to make even modern pieces look timeless, and our pieces here at Kelvin Furniture can give your home that classy feel without breaking the bank.

Mahogany is dark brown in colour, and can fit perfectly into both dark and light interiors. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a stunning range of mahogany furniture available for home delivery and collection in store. Our vast collection of styles are perfect for any room, and you can even opt for yew wood.


Yew is a type of softwood and is made from some of the oldest trees in the world. Like mahogany, yew wood is incredibly hard and elastic, meaning it can be easily shaped all the while keeping its strong composure. It is resistant to most general wear and tear, making it a perfect choice for dining and dressing tables. It is typically light-brown in colour and has a distinct uniform texture, making it an attractive choice for reproduction furniture.

Yew wood is easy to finish, and can be easily painted and glossed. Once this process has occurred, your furniture will look incredibly sleek and modern, and can catch the eye of any guests that you invite into your home. Like mahogany, yew furniture is resistant to rot, making it perfect for rooms with high moisture.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and sell gorgeous reproduction furniture in both mahogany and yew. From sets of small coffee tables to large, functional desks, all of our furniture is finished in these strong and durable woods. We chose these types of wood specifically with the customer in mind, confident that they would be the best choice for durability and appearance.

Some of our dining tables can flip and change to suit your dinner guest, each gorgeously finished din either mahogany or yew. Our spacious chest of drawers are perfect for storing clothes, and their glossy finished make them an elegant and classy addition to any bedroom. To inquire further about our collection, please give us a call on 0113 2444499.

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