Dos and Don’ts of Buying Reproduction Furniture

How you decorate your home is completely your own decision. Antique reproduction furniture looks timeless in any home, and would make a stunning addition amongst your current decor. However, there are certain instances that you may want to avoid to make sure your new piece is serving its purpose. As an antique reproduction furniture shop in Leeds, we here at Kelvin Furniture know exactly what goes into crafting the perfect, classic piece of furniture. We also know what to avoid.

From steering clear of overfilling your home with pieces to checking the validity, there are certain points you might want to follow when looking at improving your home with reproduction furniture. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and sell a range of gorgeous antique reproduction pieces finished in mahogany and yew. Whilst our Leeds store remains temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can still browse our website and have that next perfect find delivered straight to your door.

Wondering what to look out for when searching for antique reproduction furniture? Read our article below for some inspiration.

Do: Look For a Bargain

Like with anything you buy, never settle for the first price or offer. Jumping into a sale can lead to regret if you find something much better and cheaper later on down the line, so always look around before settling on a piece that you love. Sometimes, the first product you see can be the best, but it never hurts to go searching first.

Although, even if something is the cheapest option you’ve found, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of the best quality. Finding a bargain is always a fulfilling feeling, but you need to ensure that the cheap price is backed up by a good quality finish. When looking for the cheapest price, always take into consideration it’s overall look and finish, and establish a middle ground. Although the piece you end up falling in love with might not be the cheapest, you can be guaranteed it will be in optimal quality for its price.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, an antique furniture store in Leeds, we sell a stunning range of pieces in many different colours, sizes and prices. Our stunning foldable dining tables are perfect for entertaining guests, and look elegantly regal when paired with our dining chairs.

Don’t: Overload Your Home

Antique reproduction pieces are different from your regular, run-of-the-mill furniture. They aren’t mass produced, giving them that unique factor that most people crave. Also, they’re much newer than their antique counterparts, making them much cheaper to purchase. However, if you buy too many reproduction pieces, it can have an affect on the overall look and feel of your home.

When your home is adorned with reproduction furniture, whilst it looks classic and stylish, it takes away from the unique factor with each passing piece. Eyes are immediately drawn to one or two antique reproduction pieces, but when you have too many, it doesn’t feel as special. Also, reproduction furniture can be quite expensive, and you don’t want to break the bank. At Kelvin Furniture, just one of our stunning pieces will be enough to get guests talking. Our furniture shop in Leeds is home to a range of stunning display cabinets, perfect for showing off your prized possessions.

Do: Buy From a Trusted Store

More and more people, in a more advanced technological age, take to buying products online. It’s also become a friend of ours during these unprecedented times that we find ourselves in. However, as practical as online shopping is, it can leave you vulnerable to scams and fraudulent transactions. When you’re spending money on reproduction pieces, you need to be sure that the furniture you’re buying is the real deal.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, you can be sure that you’re purchasing furniture from a reliable source. All of our pieces are treated with the utmost care, ready to be sold far and wide. To ensure your piece is the real deal, especially with genuine antiques, you can ask for the certificate of authenticity.

Don’t: Place it Somewhere it May Break

Although what you do with your furniture is your decision, there have been instances where the purchasing process has not been thought all the way through, leading to damage. Some reproduction pieces are delicate items, and should be treated as such. Therefore, you must establish where you’re going to place your new piece before buying.

Also, if you live in a home with pets or small children, larger, more delicate pieces might not be the best choice. Although the wood used in antique reproduction furniture doesn’t scratch easily, it can still be damaged after heavy wear and tear, so it needs to be handled carefully. Here at Kelvin Furniture, our furniture shop in Leeds manufactures and sells a gorgeous range of reproduction furniture perfect for any home. To browse our collection, you can visit us here. To inquire further, please give us a call on 0113 2444 499.

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