Benefits of Buying Furniture Locally

When it comes to purchasing new furniture for your home, most people opt for big chain stores to provide them with their next piece. Traditional style furniture can be found almost everywhere, but genuine antique reproduction furniture can be hard to find, especially pieces that have been crafted correctly. Based in Morley, our furniture shop in Leeds is home to reproduction antique pieces in all styles and sizes. From coffee tables to occasional furniture, all of our pieces are hand manufactured in gorgeous mahogany and yew wood, perfect for any home.

In order to support local businesses during this difficult time we find ourselves in, try to shop locally to provide smaller businesses with revenue. Read our article below to discover just some of the benefits of shopping locally for your furniture. 

Sense of Community

When you choose to buy your furniture from a local store, you’re providing economy and finances to your local community, and helping small businesses grow and turn a profit. Although it might be tempting to visit a big brand store, local stores are full of hidden gems that you’re bound to fall in love with. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and sell a range of gorgeous antique reproduction furniture, from dining tables to display cabinets. Whilst we’re proud to serve Morley, our furniture shop is open for delivery across the local area, as our store remains temporarily closed.

As you hear of more and more family run and small businesses closing during the pandemic, you can help save someone’s livelihood today by shopping locally.

Supporting Local Businesses

We all know the importance of supporting local businesses. In such a competitive market, local furniture stores need custom to survive being overpowered by mass-produced big brands. Reproduction antique furniture is usually hand carved and manufactured to perfection, making each piece unique for every owner. Furniture includes options from dressing tables to filing cabinets, and all pieces make a gorgeous addition to any home.

During these challenging times, it’s never been more important to support local businesses to help them survive. Here at Kelvin Furniture, whilst our Morley furniture shop remains closed, we can deliver your new piece directly to your door. You can even choose to adapt the finish and request personalisation, to make your new piece even more unique.

Not Mass Produced

One of the least appealing qualities about big brand stores is their mass produced furniture pieces. When you buy a sofa or dining table from these stores, they aren’t uniquely yours, as you know someone else has already taken it home. Hand carved, traditional reproduction furniture is usually one of a kind, and if not, they’re only made in small amounts. They can draw people’s attention from whichever room they’re in, and are guaranteed to be your stand out pieces.

Mass produced furniture doesn’t have quite the same sentimental feel that locally bought furniture does. Here at Kelvin Furniture, our antique reproduction furniture is personally crafted and manufactured here in Leeds, and can be delivered straight to your door. To inquire further, please give us a call on 01132444499. To view our stunning range of products, please visit us here.

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