Key Reproduction Pieces for Each Room

If you’re considering antique reproduction furniture for your home, one of the key factors you must take into consideration is that too much really can be overpowering. Filling your home full of reproduction furniture can take away from their unique, traditional style, and they won’t make much of an impact. When looking for new pieces, whether it be occasional furniture such as coffee tables or a new filing cabinet, consider what would look best in each room.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and sell stunning reproduction antique furniture in a gorgeous mahogany and yew finish. Whilst our Leeds store remains temporarily closed, we still deliver our elegant pieces directly to your door. If you’re considering a new antique piece for your home, read our article below to see what would look the most optimal for its space.

Living Room

Your living room is probably the most visible and important room in your home. It’s where your guests gather when invited over for a quick chat and a cup of tea, and it’s probably where you spend most of your relaxation time. When incorporating antique reproduction furniture into your living room, consider a larger, stand out piece that will draw in attention. The purpose of stunning furniture pieces such as these are to draw in authority and elegance, and there are many different pieces that can achieve this.

Display cabinets are an obvious choice for attracting attention from guests and visitors. To have your collectibles or photographs displayed in a stunning glass display cabinet gives your items the casing they deserve. What’s more, is that they come in a range of different styles and sizes, meaning they can fit to your home and dimensions. From tall glass cabinets to smaller items with extra drawers for storage, there’s a stunning piece here for you at Kelvin Furniture. You can view our timeless collection here.


Although you won’t be entertaining gatherings of people in your bedroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t display a stunning new piece of antique reproduction furniture within it. Dressing tables and wardrobes are all popular choices, and can provide a regal dominance that you won’t receive with modern, mass produced furniture pieces. Your bedroom needs to be a place where you can relax and be comfortable, so make sure you choose a piece that you’re completely happy with.

To provide that extra piece of tradition that your bedroom craves, consider looking towards spacious chests of drawers. Reproduction versions of these particular pieces are made from strong, durable materials, meaning they can take heavy storage, and can even display items on top with no damage within limitations. They also look stunning in any room, and are able to blend in perfectly with any interior decor. Our furniture shop in Leeds is home to a stunning range of different reproduction items perfect for your home. You can browse our chests of drawers here.

Dining Room/Kitchen

Of course, the most practical and quintessential piece for a dining room would be a dining table. Antique reproduction furniture is known for its traditional feel and regal appearance, so placing a large item such as a dining table in your space is bound to garner positive attention. Reproduction tables bring authority to your kitchen or dining room, and can be customised to fit your space perfectly.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a gorgeous range of reproduction antique dining table and chair sets guaranteed to suit your personal style and preferences. You can view our stunning range here, or if you wish to make an inquiry, please give us a call on 0113 2444499.

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