Why Choose Reproduction Dining Furniture?

When looking for new dining furniture to adorn your home and give it a new feel, there are a few different factors that you need to consider. Your personal style, the proportions of your room and the overall colour scheme can all affect your final decision, so you need to choose wisely. If you’re a fan of traditional style dining table and chairs, consider antique reproduction furniture. It’s stylish, timeless, and won’t be beaten on its durable yet traditional value.

Here at our reproduction antique furniture shop in Leeds, our stunning range features items for every room in your home. From dressing tables and chests of drawers to display cabinets and television stands, we manufacture and sell stunning furniture finished in mahogany and yew. Our pieces can be crafted to suit your preferences, and even delivered straight to your door. Wondering why antique reproduction dining table sets are the best choice for your home? Read our article below to find out more.

Elegant and Stylish

Renowned for bringing class and sophistication to any space, antique reproduction furniture deserves to be appreciated in all its glory. When you invite guests over, whether it be for a meal or casual drinks, the dining room is usually where everyone ends up. Opting for reproduction pieces for your dining table and chairs grabs people’s attention immediately, and makes a statement that shows your style.

You don’t want too many reproduction pieces in your home, as it can take away from its uniqueness and will lose its stand-out appeal. Therefore, one large piece to take authority in your dining room can be just enough to really bring in timelessness and elegance. Furthermore, you can even get extendable dining tables in reproduction form to accommodate guests, and their high quality manufacture makes them easy to handle. From coffee tables to desk chairs, our stunning furniture includes all the amenities your home will need. Whilst our Leeds store remains temporarily closed, we can deliver your next gorgeous reproduction furniture piece straight to your door.


As well as having a stunning appearance, everyone needs their dining table and chairs to be durable. It needs to be able to stand plates and cutlery constantly being laid upon it, and be able to endure any spillages that may occur. Due to their sturdy construction and use of newer materials, antique reproduction furniture is the perfect choice for dining tables and chairs. Although you must try to avoid spilling hot beverages directly onto the wood to avoid warping, try to quickly wipe up any spillages to avoid damage.

Dining chairs need to be able to support you and ensure your comfort, and our reproduction set here at Kelvin Furniture can be the perfect choice for you. Our hand carved chairs are finished in stunning mahogany and yew, with elegant designs implemented delicately into the wood. Whether you’re looking for dining chairs with arm rests or without, you can browse our stunning collection here.

Makes a Great Impression

As previously mentioned, having a large reproduction piece in your home immediately draws in attention from guests, and you’re sure to be receiving compliments all night. Having too many singular reproduction pieces in your home can take away from the unique factor of the furniture, so it’s best to stick to a few, or just one large piece. Dining table and chair sets take centre stage in all kitchens and dining rooms, and are great for entertaining. 

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a gorgeous selection of diningfurniture perfect for all interior decoration and colour schemes. Our dark to light wood choices make them the elegant option for all homes, and you’ll never be disappointed with the finish. If you would like to inquire further, or book a delivery, please give us a call on 0113 2444499.

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