Reproduction Furniture Checklist

Choosing antique reproduction furniture for your home is guaranteed to add elegance and class to any room. Their timeless features make them a perfect choice for displaying to guests and for adding traditional characteristics. Here at Kelvin Furniture in Leeds, we always ensure that our reproduction pieces are up to standard, and whilst our Morley furniture shop remains temporarily closed, we’re still getting your deliveries to you.

When seeking out and purchasing antique reproduction furniture, such as display cabinets and dining tables, there are certain aspects you need to take into consideration. Read our article below to find out more.

Is it in Perfect Condition?

When you visit a furniture showroom, you have the ability to inspect pieces up-close. Use this opportunity to really get to grips with what you’re buying, and to inspect it for damage. You can also make sure that it has been advertised correctly, and that all the amenities you’d expect are there.

Although our furniture shop in Leeds is closed due to the ongoing pandemic, we are still delivering gorgeous antique reproduction furniture to homes across the UK. We are completely forthright with the details of your product. If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to us as swiftly as you bought it.

Is it the Right Size?

Before you even set out to buy your next piece of reproduction furniture, you need to make sure that it is the correct proportion for your room. By measuring your space beforehand, you know how much playroom you have for your new piece. You don’t want to be disappointed when it arrives and it doesn’t fit, so always take those extra precautions.

Too many people buy their furniture online, and when it arrives, they discover that it isn’t anything like they thought. Always double check the measurements, colour and style before purchasing, as some companies may not be as lenient with their returns. A Leeds store proud to serve the community, our antique reproduction furniture comes in a range of different sizes, with proportions clearly displayed to avoid disappointment.

Is it Genuine?

To make extra money and scam people, some retailers will show a product as being a reproduction piece, when actually it’s modern and mass produced. Before you buy an item, quiz the retailer on how the piece was manufactured, and what wood was used. Reproduction antique furniture has a timeless look, and is easily distinguishable through its appearance.

Our pieces here at Kelvin Furniture in Leeds are manufactured in mahogany and yew, and have a stunning glossed finish. From regency desks to chests of drawers, our pieces are elegant and classic, and you can view our office furniture here.

Will it Match your Current Decor?

One of the worst occurrences when buying new furniture is bringing it home and realising it doesn’t match your interiors at all. This leads to people spending more money on new paint just to complement the new furniture pieces. 

Here at Kelvin Furniture in Leeds, all of our stock is displayed online and in store, so you can compare its finish and style to your current decor. Whether you’re looking for a discreet coffee table or a large statement display cabinet, our Morley furniture shop has it all. To find out more information, please give us a call on 0113 2444499.

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