Differences Between Modern and Reproduction Furniture

When it’s time for a change in your home furnishings, it seems like the most practical choice to opt for big name brands and mass produced pieces. However, if you’re looking for traditional, original furniture to proudly display in your home, consider antique reproduction furniture. Not only are they the most regal option, but they’re designed to be admired. From stunning glass display cabinets to strong and sturdy coffee tables, reproduction antique furniture has a sense of authority in all rooms.

Here at our established reproduction antique furniture shop in Leeds, we have a stunning range of items perfect for all interiors and preferences. Their traditional style makes them the optimal choice for people who want furniture they can show off in their dining room and living rooms, all of which are finished in gorgeous mahogany and yew wood. Whilst our Leeds store remains temporarily closed, we are still delivering our beautiful pieces to homes across the UK. Read our article below to discover the stark differences between modern day furniture and reproduction pieces.


The materials and equipment used to make modern furniture is much newer and usually glossier than older pieces. Reproduction furniture was made years ago, and their hand carved touches show the dedicated work of individual craftsmen. Reproduction antique pieces are made to resemble original pieces of furniture, so the main material used is typically wood with warped colours displayed beautifully within. The types of furniture include stunning dining tables and corner display cabinets made from strong materials manufactured to last for years.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture stunning reproduction pieces with gorgeous finishes. Our occasional furniture is perfect for displaying other items, but is still bound to grab everyone’s attention with their glossy finishes. You can view our occasional tables here.


When it comes to modern furniture, it’s usually made by a machine, with the place of construction discreetly stamped somewhere on the product, or in its storage boxes. Self-assembled furniture is sorted in a box in a factory, with hardly any thought applied to its assembly, as that’s up to the customer. With reproduction furniture, all pieces are lovingly assembled and crafted by hard working individuals who love their craft.

Our pieces here at Kelvin Furniture are assembled by us and delivered fully crafted to your door. All cabinets, tables and chairs are crafted to specific dimensions, perfect for any room and home. Our display cabinets come with cupboards or and glass shelves, perfect for storage and displaying photographs or collectibles. You can view our collection here.


Modern furniture is usually mass produced when sold in a big brand store, so it’s common to find someone you know with exactly the same furniture piece. Whether you live closely or far away, it’s still possible to find your lovely new furniture set adorning someone else’s home. With reproduction furniture, it’s usually found in small businesses scattered across the country, so it’d be quite hard to find someone you know with the same piece.

Reproduction pieces aren’t mass produced and have that original factor. However, don’t overload your home with antique reproduction pieces, as it can take away from its star quality. If you would like to discover more about our reproduction furniture here at Kelvin Furniture, or you’d like to place an order, please give us a call on 0113 2444499.

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