Where Does Occasional Furniture Look Best?

Antique reproduction furniture comes in many different styles and finishes. From stunning statement dining tables to regal leather chairs, reproduction pieces aren’t just limited to one kind of design. One popular way to furnish your home with reproduction antique furniture is by opting for occasional pieces. This refers to furniture that can be brought out for various uses, and you can find out more about it here. If you’re searching for reproduction antiques in Leeds, Kelvin Furniture has everything you need.

Although our Leeds store remains temporarily closed, we are still delivering our stunning reproduction furniture to homes across the UK. Read our article below to see how you can decorate your home with occasional furniture today.


One of the most practical and versatile items to have in your home is a small, moveable table. Ranging from a small coffee table to a discreet hall variation, smaller tables can be used for a range of necessities. Of course, hall tables look best in your hall, but when it comes to side and coffee tables, consider placing them in rooms where guests would usually gather for a quick chat and a cup of tea. 

Coffee tables can look great in living rooms and drawing rooms, and whether they’re tucked away at the side or brought out for occasion, they’re sure to bring a classic elegance to your space. They’re also perfect if you’re only just introducing reproduction antique furniture to your home, as their discreet features make a bold statement. As a reputable antique furniture shop in Leeds, we manufacture and sell a range of stunning pieces finished in mahogany or yew. Our Oval nest of tables come in three separate sizes, perfect for any number of guests you have over, and can be tucked away neatly together. 

Audio Visual

Audio visual furniture can describe a range of different items. Television stands, CD and DVD storage units and cabinets all serve a purpose for your media equipment. What’s more, is that they can bring a certain feeling of tradition to your home, and can be the centrepiece to any room. If you happen to own a lot of DVD’s or films, a storage unit could be the perfect choice for creating extra space in your home. TV cabinets look optimal in living rooms or bedrooms, whereas storage units could look ideal in a spare room you may have.

Our TV cabinets here at Kelvin Furniture come in a range of different sizes and finishes, perfect for any room and interior decor. Whether you’re looking for fully wooden pieces or ones with glass doors, our reproduction antiques in Leeds are sure to add that much-needed classic feel to your space. You can view our collection of audio visual furniture here.

Display Cabinets

Whether you’re looking to show off some family pictures, or you’re a collector looking for a stunning way to display your items, a reproduction display cabinet is exactly what you need. From glass display cabinets, to wooden exterior with glass shelves, these pieces come in a collection of sizes to fit in any home. To get the most out of your display cabinet, put it in a place where you know guests can admire it. For instance, try your dining room or living room to proudly display your items in a gorgeous casing.

As a manufacturer of stunning reproduction antiques in Leeds, we craft and sell gorgeous display cabinets in a range of sizes and finishes. Whether you’re looking for a full glass cabinet, or one with a storage space, you can view our collection here. If you’d like to make an inquiry, or to place an order, please call us on 0113 2444499.

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