Reproduction Antique Furniture; When Less is More

Antique reproduction furniture is timeless. It’s unique, classic features make a real statement in any home, and with a range of items and styles to choose from, you’ll never be lost for choice. Whether you’re looking for office furniture, stunning bedroom pieces or discreet display cabinets, you should never take away from their uniqueness, and overpower a room.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and stock stunning reproduction antique furniture in Leeds, delivering to homes across the UK. Whilst our furniture store in Leeds remains temporarily closed, we are still providing vintage furniture options online, and our competitive prices and deals are not to be missed. Read our latest article on how to discreetly add antique reproduction furniture to your home.

Hall Tables

Perfect for placing your home phone on top of and storing small trinkets inside, hall tables serve multiple purposes. Sometimes, hall tables can collect all sorts of items, such as pens, notepads and leaflets that come through the door, but with a stunning reproduction option, you’ll want to keep it as pristine as possible. Sometimes, less is more, and when it comes to antique reproduction furniture, you want to keep your pieces as unique as possible.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, our furniture store in Leeds, West Yorkshire, is home to a wide range of stunning antique reproduction tables. From discrete yet effective hall tables to stunning dining tables, no matter your need, we’re here to help you. Our gorgeous rounded coffee tables are perfect for your living room, and are optimal for when guests come over for a quick catch up.

Bureaus and Office Furniture

No home office is complete without a stunning bureau for storage and decoration. Like office desks and filing cabinets, bureaus make a stunning, multi-functional addition to your home. Not only can you store your important documents in them, but they open up to reveal a quaint place to rest your notebooks and store your pens and stationery. They’re not too large, and can make a huge statement in any room due to their stunning antique reproduction properties.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a huge range of office furniture perfectly matched to all existing interior decor. Our Leeds store is home to stunning mahogany and yew pieces, all of which can be colour matched to suit your needs. If you request a free, no-obligation wood sample pack, please visit us here.

Audio Visual Storage Units

In today’s more technologically advanced times, it seems that streaming sites have taken over from the good old-fashioned CD and DVD. For some people, they like to keep it simple. If you still have heaps of CD’s and DVD’s that you still love to watch from time to time, consider looking towards a simple antique reproduction AV storage unit. They stand neatly in any room, providing the exact function you need whilst looking timeless in the process.

Our stunning collection of reproduction antique furniture here at Kelvin Furniture is suitable for all preferences and homes, and even a little bit goes a long way. With a stunning range of finishes and designs to choose from, you can be assured that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. For more information, please give us a call on 0113 2444499.

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