How to Make the Most of Your Display Cabinet

Where do we draw the line when it comes to storage space? Do we try and cram everything into one space just to get clutter out of site or do we carefully handpick our treasured possessions and put them on display for all to see?

Display cabinets offer a creative and sophisticated solution to showing your favourite items and showcasing your style and interests.

Kelvin furniture has some of the top tips for utilising the display cabinet in your home.

A home for any of your wares.

Display Cabinet Styles

A double-paned display cabinet can introduce warmth and character to your choice of room. Our range of display cabinets vary, from glass door to flat kitchen cabinets and corner cabinets fitted with mirrors and led lights.

Each individual cabinet has its own vibrant personality and will offer something different to your dining room, living room and overall home decor.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix it Up

Treat each shelf as if it were a portrait and paint a different picture with each unit. You can be as creative as you like, including a theme could be a prominent feature for guests to gaze over. 

Try combining artful pieces, books, and other sentimental decorations you hold dearly. You can stabilise each shelf by creating a focal point, this could be with your favourite book or photograph. 

The enjoyment comes from the flexibility that shelving units offer, you are free to be as expressive as you like and whatever result you come up with is enough to characterise your living space.

What Can I Put in My Display Cabinet?

There really is no limit to what you can showcase in your display cabinet. From family photographs and vintage ornaments to the most novelty of items, the list truly is endless.

Display cabinets are traditionally suited to house any items or rarity or sentimental value.

A glass cabinet displaying cameras.

Utilise the Space

It is important to consider how much of the space in your display cabinet is being used. Ideally, you want the space to be filled completely, but not to the extent that it looks overcrowded. 

You should avoid the other end of the scale too. Leaving your cabinet looking scarcely empty won’t give your decor the temperament it deserves.

Consider Colour

There are some clever and creative decorating ideas to introduce a burst of colour to your display cabinet. Wallpapering the backboard is perhaps the most artistic method of adding colour; this also introduces dimension and creates a truly eye-catching masterpiece.

Colour coding items is another interesting way to add colour to your display cabinet and with minimal effort required. Putting this into action can be as simple as stacking your favourite books in colour formation.

Incorporate a Theme

The appearance of your home interior can benefit massively from introducing a prominent theme. You shouldn’t hesitate to include a variety of objects in your display cabinet. However, you will receive a huge benefit by featuring a particular theme for your non-essential items to thrive off of.

Popular themes for your cabinet can include colour, subject matter or a type of piece or artwork. 

Coordinating the appearance of your cabinet will reduce the likelihood of it looking cluttered.

A contemporary glass cabinet.

Discreet Storage Solutions

Aside from the drawers and signature storage units built into your cabinet, there are some other creative methods to house your miscellaneous items.

A strategically placed decorative bowl or tray can go a long way, especially when housed between some antique ornaments or a variety of your favourite reads.

Display cabinets offer a creative exhibition space to your interior design, just make sure you keep them dust and clutter free and you are looking at a traditional centrepiece to house all of your cherished possessions.

If you’re looking to purchase a display cabinet for your home, then visit our site to view our exclusive collection.

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