Reproduction Furniture for your Hallway

In most cases, the hallway is the true entry point to your home. The front door might be the initial access point but the hallway is what invites guests in and allows homeowners to showcase their personalities with interesting decorations and family photographs.

Hallways are often undervalued and are left cluttered with shoes and mail that has trickled through the letterbox. Thankfully, help is on the way. This article explores ways in which you can use eccentric hallway furniture and decorations to transform your hallway from a secondary storage pit, to a first-class walkway to culture.

Hallway Storage Units.


Decorating the walls of your hallway with mirrors allows you and any of your guests to give themselves a quick tidy up before following through to the living room or kitchen. This is an incredibly useful feature, especially on blustery or rainy days. As well as allowing for a touch of self care, mirrors are often used to bring light into an otherwise gloomy hallway.

In addition to light, mirrors bring a sense of spaciousness. Choosing an oversized mirror to hang in a narrow corridor will help to enhance the space.

Console Tables

These perfectly proportioned surfaces were designed to belong in hallways and corridors. Fitted with cupboards and drawers, these hallway tables make an excellent storage space as well as providing an opulent focal point for guests on arrival. 

oak console tables are suited to darker and more traditionally styled homes and can help to enhance authenticity.

Include Extra Living Space

Welcoming a comfortable chair or bench into your hallway adds a homely touch to the entrance of your home. 

The dimensions of your corridor will determine the practicality of the furniture you can use. If your hallway takes on a larger and square shape, you can transform it from a simple walkway to a space that people can relax in, the perfect spot to read a book or put on shoes.

Busy families benefit incredibly from a little extra space.

Occasional Furniture for your Hallway.

Organise the Space

If you have the space, consider adding a range of storage furniture units to your hallway in order to keep on top of your clutter. 

A large basket or shoe rack would be ideal for collecting discarded trainers that get kicked off and left by the door. Installing a sideboard or small shelving unit would be perfect for storing bags and other handheld items. 

Larger units such as bookcases are suitable for housing any books, magazines and other reading materials, all from an easily accessible area of the house.

Coat rails and stands are amongst the most practical storage units you can introduce to your hallway. Storing your coats provides a convenient solution to deciding what to wear and space saving in other areas that coats would originally be stored.

Using Greenery to Decorate your Hallway.

Your Very Own Art Gallery

If you are looking to add a touch of style to your hallway or you want to showcase your passion for the arts, then consider designing your walls with portraits and photographs.

Be sure to include a variety of frames of all shapes and sizes and don’t be afraid to incorporate a theme, whether that’s a family heirloom or a painting by your favourite artist, the choice is entirely yours.

Why You Should Decorate Your Hallway

In short, your hallway is the entrance to your personality. First impressions create a lasting effect and beyond the front door, the hallway is the first thing that guests are greeted with when they enter your home.

There are many different variations of styles and furniture that you can add to your hallway.

We have a range of reproduction furniture, perfectly suited to the dimensions of most corridors. You can view the full collection here.

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