Perfecting Antique Reproduction Tables and the Dining Room

The dining table is a place for the family and friends to embrace one another’s company, sharing jokes and tales over home cooked meals, accompanied by tall glasses of wine and good vibes all around.

There are a handful of interesting styles and design tips you can utilise to enhance your at home dining experience. Included in this article are just a few of the best methods to revitalise your antique reproduction dining room table.

Table Linens

If you don’t already have table linens, then now would be a good time to make an investment. A simple yet stylish tablecloth can completely transform the appearance of your table. In addition to adding decor, table linens can also be used to cover any scratches, watermarks and other blemishes on your table. 

When purchasing other accessory linens such as napkins or placemats, be sure to choose a different colour to your tablecloth. Doing this should present a contrasting look, especially if you match the colours with other items in the dining room, such as wall or curtain colour.

Add Fine China

If you have fine china collecting dust in a box somewhere, go and get it out, give it a wipe down and decorate your dining table with these fine pieces of art. Chinaware is an exquisite choice when it comes to adding decorative touches to your dining set.

A Fine China Set.

Table Options

Long and elongated tables might be the table of choice for movie villains and characters of vast wealth. However, choosing a small wooden dining table allows for a more intimate experience. Swapping a larger table will cost you some space but in return it will prevent guests from feeling a disconnect between the host and others around the table.

If you think that an extended dining table caters to your needs better than a smaller one then are some great options to help you get the perfect dining table.

Adding a dining bench to the longer sides of your dining table is amongst the top styling choices, this allows for a more contrasting look than having a dining set with only a dining table and chairs.

Dining Table Setting Prepared for an Evening Meal.

Make a Statement with Lighting 

Glass and diamond chandeliers are the fanciest options you could go for, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook other styles. There are plenty of options out there that offer the same mood-enhancing personality.

For maximum effect, choose a mid-range size for your table and hang it low to give off a more intimate dining atmosphere.

Consider a Buffet or Service Station

As well as meaning a large spread of food, buffet is actually a term used to describe a piece of furniture closely associated with the dining space. These sturdy service stations usually share the same dimensions as a 4ft office desk, finding a place for it should not pose too much of a challenge.

Buffet stations are excellent for storing cutlery, chinaware and double up a surface for plating up at mealtime.

Using Mirrors to Accentuate 

If you put a large mirror adjacent to a window, you will notice that the room brings in an abundance of natural light. This feature also results in the room appearing a lot more spacious than in actuality. 

Opting for a mirror with an elegant frame will give you that extra touch of vibrance to make your dining room more prominent.

A Family Gathered Round the Dining Table.

Minimise the Clutter

This might seem like an obvious statement but removing any unnecessary items from your dining room will not only make things more presentable but it will also make the room a lot safer by eliminating any trip hazards.

Investing in a small cabinet or console table could be a perfect solution to space saving.

Sourcing the Right Antique Reproduction Furniture for you

This article has explored the most useful decor and furniture tips that will help in transforming your at home dining experience. You now have the know how to get the perfect setting for both friend and family meals and dinner parties with guests of honour.

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we’ve got a variety of reproduction pieces, perfectly suited to a wide range of homes and styles. From traditional to modern homes, we have got you covered.

You can access our full range of furniture here.

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