Leather Furniture; A Brief History

Adding a touch of class to your home can be accomplished through a number of stylistic design features. Leather furniture is up there with the most prominent. If you are thinking of purchasing leather furniture, Kelvin Furniture has a handful of the best statement pieces for your interior.

Why Buy Leather?

You may have seen some mixed reviews online regarding leather furniture and in truth, there are some cons to owning leather living furniture. However, we believe that the pros far outweigh any negativities; meaning leather furniture is a lasting investment for your home.

Consider Leather over Fabric.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider buying leather.


Leather sofas can last a long time, potentially up to 4x longer than a faux sofa or fabric furniture.


Leather furniture is very difficult to stain, even if you were purposely trying to inflict powerful stains such as wine or mud. A simple wipe down with a cleaning wipe would be enough to remove any substances from the surface.

The same is said for any blemishes such as scratches. Investing is some leather furniture polish should provide a feasible solution to touching up any apparent marks.


Leather doesn’t absorb smells the same way that fabric furniture does. This is helpful for those that have pets and even better news for smokers.

Which Furniture Items are Best?

Here at Kelvin Furniture, we have a range of antique reproduction furniture to suit a variety of household needs across the UK. 

Of course personal preference and opinion will come into play, this list consists of some of the highlights within our inventory.

Chaise Lounge

These marvellous living items are perfect to add elegance to your home. Chaise Lounges are upholstered with the highest quality material, and are convenient when they are housed in living rooms, larger bedrooms and hallways.

Originally, a Chaise Lounge was used to define wealth amongst societies during the French Victorian era. They served to provide a daybed as a solution for people who wanted to relax without having to return to the bedroom.

You can view our range of Chaise Lounge here.

A Modern Chaise Lounge.

Chesterfield Chairs and Settees

Chesterfield’s are renowned for their ability to create spaciousness in the living area, along with an added charming appeal and sophisticated vibe.

Comfort is perhaps the most important feature that Chesterfield’s boast. Injection-moulded foam cushions are carefully designed to maximise gratification.

The Chesterfield range dates all the way back to the 18th Century. The fourth Earl of Chesterfield commissioned it for his guests to sit without creasing their clothes.

Take the time to browse through are intricate collections of Chesterfield furniture here.

A Chesterfield Leather Chair and Stool Combination.

Queen Anne Furniture

The Queen Anne style is often referred to as ‘Late Baroque’ and is now viewed as a furniture variety in its own right.

Queen Anne furniture describes a movement in furniture design and certainly one that has managed to create a trend. Signature chairs and coffee tables are said to represent the personality of Queen Anne herself.

A Signature Queen Anne Chair.

Adding Queen Anne furniture to your home is a testament to 1700’s Britain, these items are the true definition of antique furniture.

Browse through our antique furniture collection to source your favourite Queen Anne statement pieces.

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