Antique Reproduction Furniture; 5 Reasons you should buy

Let’s begin by exploring what reproduction furniture is. Reproduction furniture is manufactured to emulate antique furniture. Antique furniture items from the Georgian era or a set of Queen Anne or Elizabethan dining chairs or bed frames from these eras are extremely valuable.

Reproduction is the cost-effective solution for those who want a traditional look for their homes but can not afford the asking price of antique items.

This article discusses five reasons why reproduction furniture is a valuable investment to fill your home with traditional furnishings.

Timeless Furniture

Antique reproduction furniture simply does not date. It will always maintain the style it was designed to represent, whether that is Georgian or Victorian, reproduction furniture is built to last. Modern furniture does not fall under the same timeless bracket.

10 or 20 years after purchasing a brand-new bookcase it will become outdated and out of fashion. Reproduction furniture’s ability to remain timeless is why it makes such a lasting investment.

High Quality Craftsmanship

Reproduction furniture is created to emulate the traditional qualities and personality of antique furniture. Each individual piece features its own unique traits along with an expertly designed decoration. For example, traditional cabinet making methods such as mortise and tenon, and dovetail joints are put in place to add strength and durability.

Antique reproduction furniture is often used as a substitute to expensive antique items.
Antique reproduction furniture is intricatey carved to emulate antique furniture styles.

Value For Money

With the previously mentioned attributes, antique furniture with an exquisite design, practicality and timeless appearance means that you are getting the most out of your investment. 

If money is no object then you will most likely opt for a true antique item. If you are restricted to a budget then reproduction furniture is definitely the best option for you.

As well as saving money, antique reproduction pieces can also save you an abundance of time. This is because of the time it takes to source credible antique furniture and all the units to go with your statement piece.

Size and Dimensions 

Finding the perfect piece to fit in your home can be a difficult task. Fortunately, you can choose to have reproductions tailored to suit your needs. This eliminates the doubts you might have when sourcing a beautifully crafted piece of furniture.

Most antique reproduction units are built in pieces so that they are easily transported around your home and can be placed wherever suits you best.

Perfect Coordination 

When sourcing a piece of furniture for your home, it is common to want the counterparts to go with it and make up a collection. Due to its rarity, antique furniture is hard to source and even when you find a full collection it can be incredibly taxing on funds.

Luckily, reproduction furniture is purpose built to fit any of the buyer’s requirements. This means if you require a full dining set with chairs and a table then that is what you will get.


With all these features combined, it is clear to see that antique reproduction furniture is the ideal cost-efficient solution to decorating your home with traditional furniture.

If you are looking to add an authentic appeal to your home then check out our range of reproductions available on our website.


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