5 Styling Tips For Your Sideboard

Bored of your sideboards? Here at Kelvin Furniture, we’ve put together some of the best decorating tips for your sideboards that you can put into practice at home.

The Rule of Three

If you own a sideboard that is quite lengthy then you will understand how difficult it is to find objects that cover the full surface. One effective way to combat the length of your sideboard is to introduce three different focal points.

Your options are entirely up to you, however, some of the most commonly featured accessories include:

Decorative Trays

Using a tray to style your sideboard is perhaps the most useful decor item you can introduce, because of its versatility. They can make just about any household items look organised and at home on your sideboard.

Decorative trays give you the freedom to implement different sized items, patterns and materials.

Cluster Your Items

With this styling method, you can incorporate the aforementioned rule of three, however, the difference this time is that you should cluster your items together.

On one end of your sideboard you can place a trio of candles, using a range of sizes and the cluster method you can create one focal point. Follow on by creating two more focal points, perhaps a central one made up of a variety of plants and a third using a stack of books.

Use Colour as a Reference Point

It can often be a difficult and time consuming task to pick decorations that fit into the style of your home interior. You can shorten your search by sourcing items that match the colour scheme of your room of choice. For example, a dark blue flower pot would fit exceptionally well by some artwork of the same tones. 

Book Stacking

In addition to being an excellent storage solution for some of your favourite reads, stacking your books on the sideboard is an effective yet stylish way to organise your book collection.

Opting to use hardcover books that feature carefully detailed and illustrious artwork on the exterior is an added bonus to the decor.

You’ll find that stacking books both horizontally and vertically offers a different variation of character. You might also want to consider using a nice decorative items such as a jar to hold the stack of books in place.


Equipped with the styling tips mentioned throughout this article you are now prepared to take to your sideboard with an adept knowledge of styling ideas.

If you have read this article without owning a sideboard, consider picking up an antique reproduction furniture sideboard here. We have a range of custom furniture to suit your requirements and all our units can be built to fit any dimension.

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