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5 Questions to Ask a Reproduction Antique Retailer

If you’re new to reproduction antique furniture, it can be hard to decipher exactly what you want and need in your home. Although you’ll have a good idea of the product you’d like, deciding upon the perfect colour and style is crucial to determining the best choice for you. You also need to make sure […]

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Why Choose Reproduction Display Cabinets?

If you’ve got trinkets, collectibles or family photos, but you aren’t sure what to do with them, a stunning new display cabinet is probably the way to go. They stand proud and regal in any room, but work optimally in spaces where everyone can see them, such as living rooms. When considering a glass display […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Buying Reproduction Furniture

How you decorate your home is completely your own decision. Antique reproduction furniture looks timeless in any home, and would make a stunning addition amongst your current decor. However, there are certain instances that you may want to avoid to make sure your new piece is serving its purpose. As an antique reproduction furniture shop […]

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Reproduction Furniture to Match Your Home Interiors

When searching for new furniture to display proudly in your home, one of the most important factors to consider is your existing decor. Although some people like to change their walls and flooring when having a full-scale redecoration, others prefer to keep it exactly as it is, and just opt for new furniture. If you’re […]

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Types of Wood Used in Antique Furniture

Antique reproduction furniture is known for its rustic feel, traditional style and elegant finish. All forms of reproduction furniture are crafted to resemble genuine antiques, but their newer materials and craftsmanship makes them much cheaper to come by. What makes this kind of furniture really stand out from the crowd is the wood used to […]

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Matching Furniture with your Personal Style

When it comes to buying furniture, we all have our own personal preference considering the style and arrangement. Some prefer to buy their furniture in sets, others opt for separate purchases to get their hands on that one unique piece. Although some reproduction antique furniture can be found grouped together, that one perfect find could […]

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Choosing Antique Reproduction Furniture Over Modern

When it comes to buying furniture for your home, most people opt for more modern pieces. They’re easier to come by, they’re usually less expensive, and they’re quick and easy. If you’re on the lookout for a new dining table and chairs as soon as possible, you’re likely to find one and purchase on the […]

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mahogany and yew benefits

Benefits of Using Mahogany and Yew for Furniture

When it comes to reproduction furniture, there are plenty of different woods used to give it that traditional, elegant finish. Hand-carved pieces of furniture such as dining tables and display cabinets can be a luxurious asset to your home, and the type of wood used can make all the difference. The best and most popular […]

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Coordinating your Bedroom with Antique Reproduction Furniture

Of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom is where you spend most of your time. In order to relax, it needs to be comfortable, warm and cosy. Your furniture is mainly there for practical use, holding your clothes and other products for storage, but it also needs to look stylish and welcoming. In […]

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Reproduction Furniture for your Home Office

Due to these unprecedented times that we have found ourselves in, more and more of us have taken to working from home to protect our colleagues. When working in your own environment, it’s easy to become distracted, so most of us need a place where we can concentrate and escape. When considering pieces of furniture […]

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