different types of occasional furniture antiques in leeds

Different Types of Occasional Furniture

By definition, occasional furniture refers to small, multi-purpose furniture that can be utilised to fit certain occasions. It mainly applies to small tables such as coffee tables and nightstands, but display cabinets and chests can be included in this category too. Here at Kelvin Furniture, we manufacture and sell classic reproduction antiques in Leeds, including […]

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things to consider when buying reproduction furniture

Things to Consider When Buying Reproduction Furniture

Furniture is the staple of any home, and can set up the overall style for years to come. Whether you prefer modern or traditional style furniture, there are plenty of stunning options available to turn any room into a classic, elegant space. When it comes to opting for a more vintage feel without breaking the […]

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occasional furniture dark room table and chairs image

What is Occasional Furniture?

You might not even know it, but you probably have at least one piece of occasional furniture in your home. Simply defined, it refers to furniture that is practical and adaptable in all kinds of situations. For instance, it could refer to a coffee table that can turn into a sideboard with a simple press […]

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places to buy reproduction furniture image

Different Places to Buy Reproduction Furniture

If you’re considering purchasing antique reproduction furniture, it’s important to first decide exactly where you want to buy the product from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional style dining table or hand-carved display cabinets, reproduced furniture can be found almost anywhere. Its quality, however, may be affected depending on where it’s purchased. There are pros […]

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reproduction furniture living room image

Reproduction Furniture For Your Living Room

In your home, your living room is one of the most important and utilised spaces. It’s where you go to relax after a long day of work, and it’s usually where you entertain your guests. So why not treat it to some antique reproduction furniture? You can purchase all sorts of products to display proudly […]

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antique reproduction furniture image

Decorating Your Home with Antique Reproduction Furniture

When it comes to decorating your home, you want your furniture and interior design to collaborate harmoniously, and you also want it to reflect who you are. Antique reproduction furniture adds class and elegance to any room, and it looks good in any setting. Whether you’re looking for a dining table to impress dinner guests, […]

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antique furniture shop image

Telling The Difference Between Antique and Reproduction Furniture

Antique and reproduction furniture are both good choices for any home. Antique furniture is classic and timeless, whereas reproduction is much cheaper in price, but still looks just as good, if not better. But it can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between antique and reproduction, and collectors often get scammed into buying one […]

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antique furniture styles leeds

Different Styles of Reproduction Antique Furniture

When it comes to reproduction antique furniture, there are many different styles to choose from. Quality antiques come in a range of different sizes, colours and time periods, which can be exciting to choose from but hard to narrow down. Whether its dining chairs, tables or chests of drawers you’re looking for, each piece of […]

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why choose antique reproduction furniture blog image

Why Choose Antique Reproduction Furniture?

Buying antique furniture for your home is a sure-fire way to add elegance and class to any room. From hand-carved dressing tables to genuine antique dining chairs, reproduction furniture is unique and timeless, with a high-quality finish to add to its high-end reputation. Still not sure whether antique furniture is the choice for you? Read […]

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