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Antique Reproduction Furniture; 5 Reasons you should buy

Let’s begin by exploring what reproduction furniture is. Reproduction furniture is manufactured to emulate antique furniture. Antique furniture items from the Georgian era or a set of Queen Anne or Elizabethan dining chairs or bed frames from these eras are extremely valuable. Reproduction is the cost-effective solution for those who want a traditional look for […]

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Reproduction Furniture for your Hallway

In most cases, the hallway is the true entry point to your home. The front door might be the initial access point but the hallway is what invites guests in and allows homeowners to showcase their personalities with interesting decorations and family photographs. Hallways are often undervalued and are left cluttered with shoes and mail […]

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What a Bookcase Can Do For Your Study

Bookcases are versatile units of furniture that can be used in a number of creative ways. As well as providing storage for books and magazines, they can also be used to display items of decor such as art and photo albums. They feature as a statement piece to you and your home. Reasons to Invest […]

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What is Occasional Furniture?

You might not even know it, but you probably have at least one piece of occasional furniture in your home. Simply defined, it refers to furniture that is practical and adaptable in all kinds of situations. For instance, it could refer to a coffee table that can turn into a sideboard with a simple press […]

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Different Places to Buy Reproduction Furniture

If you’re considering purchasing antique reproduction furniture, it’s important to first decide exactly where you want to buy the product from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional style dining table or hand-carved display cabinets, reproduced furniture can be found almost anywhere. Its quality, however, may be affected depending on where it’s purchased. There are pros […]

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