What is reproduction antique furniture?

So you’ve done some digging online to find a new statement piece for your home. However, you’re still scratching your head. What is reproduction antique furniture and why should I be interested?

If you’ve ever spent a day visiting a stately home you will have no doubt admired the antique pieces of furniture they have in there. Sometimes they’re behind ropes stopping us, the great unwashed, from getting our grubby little hands on them. This all gives the impression that they’re very valuable, and usually they are.

Transform Your Home

If you want a genuine piece of antique furniture in your home, such as a dining table, be ready to spend as much as what you’d usually spend on the average new family car. That’s just for a fairly ordinary piece as well, if you’re after something a bit more desirable be prepared to cough up what you’d normally pay for a shiny new luxury car.

What many people probably aren’t aware of is that for just slightly more than you’d normally spend on some flat pack furniture you could have a craftsman made piece of furniture that’s virtually identical to the pieces you see while visiting stately homes.

Hassle-Free Solution

As well as having an amazing piece of reproduction furniture you also have the benefit of not having to spend the day messing about with dowels, bolts, screws and so on, as reproduction furniture is usually fully assembled.

Also, unlike most modern design furniture, reproduction furniture can usually be customized while it’s being crafted to suit the client without breaking the bank. Need an extra-long dining table? Need more drawers in a reproduction chest? When ordering reproduction furniture this is usually not a problem as each piece is usually hand made.

Finally, reproduction furniture is on the whole built to a much higher standard than normal furniture, this means it lasts much longer. This means buying reproduction furniture can end up being cheaper in the long term than buying normal modern furniture.

So the next time you spend the day at a stately home and see a piece of antique furniture you like, have a look at reproduction furniture and see if you can find something similar, you might be surprised to see that it’s well within your price bracket.

Things to Check

If you do decide to buy some reproduction furniture, here are a few tips on things to check before ordering.

First, it’s a good idea to try to make sure that the furniture was made in your country. It doesn’t mean it necessarily has been built by a better craftsman, but if there happens to be a problem it’s good to know the craftsman that built it isn’t thousands of miles away.

Second, all reproduction furniture is not created equally. As with all furniture, some pieces may look identical but on close scrutiny the standard of finish, the materials and craftsmanship can be quite different.

Finally, if you need to have the piece delivered to your address make sure you check with the supplier how they actually move the piece. Do they have their own delivery personnel or do they use a 3rd party courier company? Fully assembled reproduction furniture needs to be moved and handled with great care if it’s to arrive at its destination unmarked and in one piece.

A supplier that looks after the transit of your piece from it leaving them to getting to your room is more likely to be aware of this than a 3rd party courier service.

Still asking yourself “What is Reproduction Antique Furniture”?

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